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Ozonized hydro-massage is the result of numerous years of research in the field of physical well-being and is now an accepted therapy, used in many countries as a mainstream treatment.


The gentleness of the ozonized hydro-massage is based on age-old philosophical and medical principles rooted in a tradition of non-invasive methods. The power attributed to the bath is that of generating beneficial influxes for the human body, toning up muscles, stimulating and oxygenating the lymphatic and blood circulatory systems, relaxing and relieving nervous tension.


An ozonized hydro-massage is the simplest way to heal one’s body worn down by the stress and strain of daily life and by anxieties created by small and not-so-small everydays problems we all face.


It is used with success for the cure of vascular diseases, arthritic pain, skin diseases, post-trauma physical rehabilitation of limbs, muscles, aches, circulation, detox, toning and firming up the entire body, preventing and treating cellulite, more than a hundred benefits.




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